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The Step 4 control package takes your research into the future today. It is the most technologically advanced yet simplest to use research planter control package on the market. All of this is done and controlled on any basic Windows computer.

Create field plots from the comfort of your office, view field plot layouts on your computer screen, and detect pivot irrigation tracts, waterways, drainage canals, field obstructions, poor growing areas, gravel spots, etc. More accurate than tapes or measuring wheels, the Step 4 control package only takes one person to layout an entire field, giving an automatic AB line without driving it. And it’s simple to verify your field boundaries with 360-degree rotation of your plots, guaranteeing the plot to be square without marking an AB line. The Step 4 control package also allows you to plant when you get to the field, tripping the planter with perfection with no extra or missing packets at the end of the first pass. All points in a plot are traceable and GPS-compatible with any RTK signal. You can even change layouts in the field in minutes with random plot lengths and populations.

Why Choose Step 4 Control Package

The Step 4 planter utilizing the Global Plot Management system is the most advanced planting system in the industry. It’s functions are almost unlimited. Listed below are just a few of those functions.

  • Uses a rugged Windows computer
  • Utilizes unlimited randomized populations, programmed before planting or on the fly during planting
  • Pre-field setups and field plot layouts can be done from the comfort of your office, prior to going to the field, minimizing settings after you arrive at the planting location
  • Infinite seed spacing can be set prior to the field or at the field location
  • The display shows seeds being dropped and number of seeds planted in a plot length; you can change this, in the field, by population or seeds per plot
  • The plot lengths are preset, assuring consistency in the rows and alley lengths with no need to trim
  • Full and complete field mapping including any GIS overlay maps like satellite imagery or soil maps
  • Just type in your plot lengths and alley lengths and it automatically sets them
  • Self-contained electrical system with alternator and battery are standard equipment
  • Vacuum chambers for collecting excess seeds
  • Compressor can be used for auxiliary functions


Resources & Manuals

Browse and download resources and materials specifically for SRES Step 4 controls:

Video Resources

  • Step 4 Controls


    This video is for operating the Step 4 planter.

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  • Step 4 Controls


    Creating a planter and field in GPM.

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  • Step 4 Controls

    Creating Step 4 Maps

    Shows you how to create Step 4 maps by File Import

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Since all SRES planters start with the same cover assembly, the defining difference between the planters is the type of controls used. The following planters support Step 4 controls:

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