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Drill/Cone Controls

SRES Control Package Details

The SRES Drill/Cone controls make cone planting a breeze. The electric motors on the cones allow for any plot length without the use of a transmission. This control system uses a PLC with a display interface, so all you have to do is input your plot dimensions and you are ready to start planting. The versatility of being able to change plot length with changing a number makes for faster setup time than before. The program adjusts to your speed and tells you if you are driving too slow or too fast. This system can also be coupled with the indexer to allow for faster planting and loading trays with your seed instead of packets.

Why Choose Drill/Cone Control Package

The Drill/Cone uses technology that allows you to get your desired plot length without having to set a transmission. The flexibility of being able to volumetrically plant any seed with a cone makes cone planting easy. Also, SRES Cones can be mounted to existing planters with ease. Some of the options that the Drill/Cone can offer are listed below.

  • The Drill/Cone uses a PLC with an easy-to-use program
  • Uses 6- and 10-inch cones
  • Infinite plot dimensions simply by adjusting the number in the program
  • Can use ground-speed automatic, manual cable, cable winder, trimble tree or Universal GPS tripping
  • Automatic leveler can be used on drills when planting on slopes
  • Indexer allows for automatic dispensing of magazines
  • Individual cones for each row or one cone with a custom distributor


Resources & Manuals

Browse and download resources and materials specifically for SRES Drill/Cone controls:

Video Resources

  • Drill/Cone Controls

    Operating SRES Cone drill

    This video is how to set up and operate the SRES Cone Drill.

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  • Drill/Cone Controls

    SRES Cone Drill with Indexer

    This video explains the setup and operation of the SRES Cone Drill with Indexer.

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Planters & Drill/Cone Controls

Controls can be used on any new planter or drill. It can also be retrofitted to any make or model, including a drill.

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