Classic Controls

SRES Control Package Details

The SRES Classic controls were developed as a precision alternative for a cone planter. The price of a Classic planter is the same or even less than a cone planter but has so much more. The controls are centered on a PLC or Programmable Logic Controller,which is a simple two-line screen that sets the various timers for making an alleyway.


Why Choose Classic Control Package

If cost and simplicity are critical, the Classic planter is a good choice, and it can be upgraded at any time to a more precision planter. The Classic can plant from zero to infinite plot lengths.

  • One-button programmable logic controls with variable settings
  • Seed population is controlled by transmission sprockets and seed plates
  • Planter settings are changed in the PLC in the field as needed
  • A seed monitor is standard
  • Alley lengths are effected by tractor speed, manual intervention and timing; in some cases the alleys may be one or two seeds off and require manual trimming in the alleyways
  • Must have GPM Universal for field mapping capabilities
  • A battery comes standard
  • Vacuum chambers for collecting excess seeds
  • Can be upgraded to Field Mapping and GPS tripping

Resources & Manuals

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Planters & Classic Controls

Since all SRES planters start with the same cover assembly, the defining difference between the planters is the type of controls used. The following planters support Classic controls:

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