Classic Aire Controls

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The Classic Aire has all the functions of the Classic but with better alleyways with air actuators on all gates. This adds exceptional value over the Classic planter, but the Classic Aire can be easily upgraded.

Why Choose Classic Aire Control Package

The SRES Classic Aire controls were developed as a “step” between the Classic series and the Advanced series controls. The controls are centered on a PLC or Programmable Logic Controller, which is a simple two-line screen that sets the various timers for making an alleyway.

  • One-button programmable logic controls with variable settings
  • Seed population is controlled by transmission sprockets and seed plates
  • Planter settings are changed in the PLC in the field as needed
  • A seed monitor is standard
  • Alley lengths are effected by tractor speed, manual intervention and timing; the Classic Aire has alley wipers for better alleyways and helps to eliminate manual trimming
  • Must have GPM Universal for field mapping capabilities
  • The self-contained electrical system with alternator and battery are standard equipment
  • Vacuum chambers for collecting excess seeds
  • Compressor can be used for auxiliary functions

Resources & Manuals

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Classic Aire Videos

  • Classic Aire Controls

    Classic Aire

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Planters & Classic Aire Controls

Since all SRES planters start with the same cover assembly, the defining difference between the planters is the type of controls used. The following planters support Classic Aire controls:

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