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The advanced planter controls have been the standard in the industry for many years. All of this is done and controlled on any basic Windows computer. Settings can be enteredĀ and tested in simulation mode while sitting in the shed, so the planter can be almost completely field-ready before planting season.

Why Choose Advanced+ Control Package

The Advanced+ series is fully programmable to meet all the needs and functions of the researcher, resulting in more complex planting methods. There is no need for alley trimming, thus savingĀ labor hours and reducing time in the field. The Advanced+ series is excellent for putting in a large number of plots in a short amount of time.

  • The Advanced+ uses a rugged Windows computer
  • Up to nine preset population settings, variable from plot to plot
  • Pre-field setups; most settings can be entered prior to going to the field; previous settings can be saved in a data file and reused
  • The Advanced+ planter has infinite seed-spacing ability
  • The display shows seeds being dropped and number of seeds planted in a plot
  • The plot lengths are preset, assuring consistency in the rows and alley lengths; no need to trim
  • Number of ranges can be preset depending on field length and plot lengths
  • Help screen built in
  • The self-contained electrical system with alternator and battery are standard equipment
  • Vacuum chambers for collecting excess seeds
  • Compressor can be used for auxiliary functions

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Planters & Advanced+ Controls

Since all SRES planters start with the same cover assembly, the defining difference between the planters is the type of controls used. The following planters support Advanced+ controls:

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