Universal Planter Module

The Universal Planter module can be used to lay out plots for use on any planter or drill. The Universal Planter module makes it very easy to create the size of plot and alleyway as well as lay out the whole field. You can rotate the plot to make it fit in any field and line up with however the farmer’s planting orientation.

You can create buffers around your plots. This makes it easy to put your plot exactly where you want it from the comfort of your office. You have, at your fingertips, all of the markings that were done in general mapping. You can turn these on and off with the click of the mouse.

The Universal Planter module is then connected to any planter and can be used to plant your plots exactly where you had them laid out. The gray area is the alleyway. The blue lines show the tractor path on each pass. The red lines are the center of your alleyway. Plots are numbered by range and plot so you always know where you are in the field while planting. This is shown planting with the SRES Advanced planter.

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Resources & Manuals

Browse and download resources and materials specifically for the SRES Universal Planter module.
  • Loading New GPM Software

    Step by step guide on how to load and update Global Plot Module software.


Video Resources

  • Universal Planter Module

    Universal Planter Module Setup

    This video will explain the setup and operation of the Universal Planter module. The Universal Planter module can be used to lay out plots on any planter or drill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this be used to control other equipment?

    Yes, as it’s name states it can be used Universally to trip Almaco, Wintersteiger, Kincaid, Hege, Haldrup and any other brand.  This includes planters, cones and drills.

  • What is included in the Universal System?

    The Universal System includes both the general mapping module and the universal module.  These patent pending modules allow you to overlay back ground images, soil data, pivot irrigation tracks, lidar, etc. behind your plot map.

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