General Mapping Module

The General Mapping module of the GPM software is the foundation for your plots. Satellite images can be downloaded free from the Internet to get a starting field. Any shape file or GIS map can be used to discover where your plots will be. It is a full-blown GPS mapping system that is easy to use and very powerful.

You can also use General Mapping to go out and map points and boundaries in the field using GPS. You can log paths or simple points. Shown here is one way to map out the exact location of the irrigation pivot track.

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Resources & Manuals

Browse and download resources and materials specifically for SRES General Mapping module.
  • General Mapping - Quick-Start Guide

    Step-by-step guide to using the General Mapping GPM.


Video Resources

  • General Mapping Module

    General Mapping 1.0

    The General Mapping module of the GPM software is the foundation for your plots.

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  • General Mapping Module

    GPM Universal Module

    This video will explain how the Universal software works

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What GPS system do you require?

    The SRES GPM system can use any RTK GPS signal from any brand including John Deere, Trimble, etc.

  • What does General Mapping Module do?
    • It is a full blow GIS mapping software.
    • You can map the boundary of a field.
    • You can map a pivot irrigation track.
    • You can map low areas and water ways.
    • Any other feature in your field.
    • All of these features can be used in any other modules.

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