Application Module

The GPM Application module takes the guesswork out of spraying your plots. The Application module builds on the mapping that has already been done. Fields are laid out ahead of time, saving valuable time in the field and allowing for more trials to be done in a day.

Since the Application module is GPS-controlled it won’t spray the wrong plot by accident. It only sprays what you set up and only in the plot you set it to spray. If you are not in the plot or in the wrong place, it won’t spray.

With the GPM Application module you can be assured of uniform spray application across all treatments, which makes your data more consistent. So adding the GPM Application module to your equipment will add to your bottom line in two ways: faster, more accurate spraying and better, more consistent data.

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Resources & Manuals

Browse and download resources and materials specifically for the SRES Application module.
  • Loading New GPM Software

    Step by step guide on how to load and update Global Plot Module software.


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  • Application Module

    GPM Download & Install

    This video will explain how to download and install GPM software.

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