Global Plot Management

GPM or Global Plot Management is a one-of-a-kind software package that is totally wrapped in GPS and GIS environment. The patent-pending way of laying out your plots over any shape file makes locating plots fast and easy.  The same plot map can then be used for other things like grid sampling for soil and spraying.  GPS is used extensively in commercial agriculture and has now been brought down to plot level.  Explore the world of GPS in our many modules.


Sres Global Plot Management

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  • Step 4 Control Package

    The GPM Step 4 takes your SRES planter to a new level.

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  • General Mapping Module

    The General mapping module of the GPM software is the base or start for your plots.

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  • Universal Planter Module

    The GPM Universal Planter module is the answer to getting rid of cable and cable winders.

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  • Application Module

    The new GPM Application module is a control system for a multi-boom plot sprayer using GPS.

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