SRES Ultra-Narrow Planter

The SRES Ultra-narrow planter is a multifunctional piece of equipment that can be used as a planter, drill or seeder. The advantage of this planter is that it uses a seed meter for extreme precision.

Ultranarrow New Planter Sres

About the SRES Ultra-Narrow Planter:

The Ultra-narrow planter was designed from many requests for precise seed spacing on 7.5-inch row spacing and up. This planter uses the standard Monosem row units and SRES sure plant covers to bring the precision you already know down to 7.5-inch row spacing. This planter gives you more control on seed spacing over a drill.

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Ultra-Narrow Planter Details & Brochure

Sres Control Packages For Research Planters

Control Packages Available

The following control packages are available for the SRES Ultra-narrow planter. Follow the links for more information.

Options & Accessories

The options are endless with SRES planter equipment. Below are the common options and accessories.
Ultranarrow New Planter Sres

Ultra-Narrow Planter Options & Accessories

  • Headsets
  • Fertilizer
  • No-till
  • Cable Winder
  • GPS

Looking for additional options and accessories for this planter? Please contact us for more custom accessories and options.

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