SRES Runabout Planter

The SRES Runabout planter is a compact two-row planter that is three-point mounted. It is economical and easy to maneuver for filling in standard to small plots.

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About the SRES Runabout Planter:

The SRES Runabout is a two-row planter that weighs roughly 1,500 pounds and is excellent for small research plots or small acreages. It has a small, comfortable operator platform but still comes with the functions of a standard planter.

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Runabout Planter Details & Brochure


  • Mechanical Transmission

    The Runabout, with classic controls, is equipped with a mechanical transmission and is easily changed for different seed spacing. The hydraulic motor is used to speed up the seed shaft in the alleyway. This makes it possible for the researcher to create any size alleyway.

    The speed is controlled by a built-in needle valve for a consistent speed-up regardless of the tractor. The seed shaft is turned by the hydraulic motor or the mechanical transmission and is accomplished by two overrunning zero backlash clutches.

  • Seed Meter

    The seed meter is the starting point of SRES precision planters.

    We start with a commercial Monosem meter and change the seed chamber to optimize seed pickup. We then call our seed meter the Sure Plant meter because it directs seeds for maximum pickup and precise ejection down the protected seed tube.


  • Singulator

    The SRES three-step singulator ensures one seed per hole on the seed plate and does so quickly to reduce the amount of extra seed needed.

  • Staging Gate

    The operator is located to directly dump into the staging gate for each row.

  • Evac Tank

    The evac tank is where all your excess seeds are located and is easily emptied by a door on the bottom of the tank.

  • Seed Tray

    The seed tray is adjustable to fit your seed box. The many adjustments, from height to box pitch angle, allow the operator to set the box position that works best for them.

  • Seating

    The seat is custom designed for hours of comfort as well as being able to accommodate any size rider. The seats can be moved forward, backward, up and down as well as rotated to get on and off the planter easily.



Control Packages Available

The following control packages are available for the SRES Runabout planter. Follow the links for more information.

Options & Accessories

The options are endless with SRES planter equipment. Below are the common options and accessories.
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Runabout Planter Options & Accessories

  • Headsets
  • Fertilizer
  • No-till
  • Check Heads
  • Seed Monitoring
  • GPS

Looking for additional options and accessories for this planter? Please contact us for more custom accessories and options.

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