SRES Flex Research Planter

Customers asked for a more versatile row spacing research plot planter, and SRES has delivered with the Flex planter configuration.


About the SRES Flex Planter:

The Flex planter is the most versatile research planter in the industry and can vary row spacing from 7 1/2 inches to 40 inches with 1/2-inch increments.

The SRES Flex planter uses the standard Monosem NG planter units and is available in Classic, Classic Aire, Advanced + or Step 4 type control systems.

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Flex Planter Details & Brochure


  • Seed Meter

    The seed meter is the starting point of SRES precision planters.

    We start with a commercial Monosem meter and change the seed chamber to optimize seed pickup. We then call our seed meter the Sure Plant meter because it directs seeds for maximum pickup and precise ejection down the protected seed tube.

  • Singulator

    The SRES three-step singulator ensures one seed per hole on the seed plate and does so quickly to reduce the amount of extra seed needed.




  • Alley Wiper

    The alley wiper ensures a crisp start and stop to each alley.

  • Staging Gate

    The staging gate collects the seed right before it enters the seed meter, eliminating seed drop time from the divider allowing for faster planting.

  • Divider Assembly

    The divider is very simple. It allows for two operational modes: single dump and double dump. Single dump splits the seeds between two outlets, and double dump allows for individual row plots with an insert that can be changed in seconds. Also, the assembly can be adjusted in all directions for operator comfort. These adjustments allow the operator to have the divider in the best location for any row spacing.

  • Tool Bar

    The Flex toolbar has made changing row spacing a breeze. The toolbar offers easy adjustments by unpinning the unit and rolling it into its new position that is already marked on the planter. This system if based on a 102-inch toolbar, but the extension option offers four rows on 40-inch spacing.

  • Fan Assembly

    The fan assembly has two configurations based on if the planter is three-point mounted or drawn, but they both use the same reliable fan, compressor and alternator that power your planter for years to come.

  • Evac Valve

    The SRES evac valve works to efficiently apply vacuum during the evac time, which removes the extra seed before the next plot is loaded into the seed meter preventing contamination.

  • Seed Trays

    The seed tray is adjustable to fit your seed box. The many adjustments, from height to box pitch angle, allow the operator to set the box position that works best for them.

  • Seats

    The seat is custom designed for hours of comfort as well as being able to accommodate any size rider. The seats can be moved laterally, forward, backward, and up and down, and they utilize an adjustable spring tension knob to accommodate for different operator sizes.

  • Evac Tank

    The evac tank is where all your excess seed is collected, which is located in an easy-to-access location at the back of the planter for emptying at the end of the day.


Sres Control Packages For Research Planters

Control Packages Available

The following control packages are available for the SRES Flex research planter. Follow the links for more information.

Options & Accessories

The options are endless with SRES planter equipment. Below are the common options and accessories.




Flex Planter Options & Accessories

  • Headsets
  • Fertilizer
  • No-till
  • Cable Winder
  • Seed Monitoring
  • Light Option
  • GPS

Looking for additional options and accessories for this planter? Please contact us for more custom accessories and options.

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