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SRES revolutionized the vacuum planter market with the best performance in the industry. The SRES Drill follows the principles of simple performance. The SRES controls and multiple opener options make these drills able to plant any of your plots that need a drill.

Planter Sres Drill Planter

About the SRES Drill:

The SRES Drill comes standard with Great Plains double disc, no-till openers, but other openers are available upon request, including the John Deere 90 Series opener for extreme compact soil conditions. The SRES Drill uses the latest technology to eliminate the need for complicated transmissions to get your desired plot length. The SRES Drill uses the new SRES belt cone and distributor system. The SRES Belt Cone is able to trip automatically by ground distance or by using the GPM Universal Planter Module from SRES.

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SRES Drill Details & Brochure


  • SRES Belt Cone

    SRES offers six- and ten-inch belt cone configurations that are capable of planting any plot and alley length with any seed you want to use.

  • Distributor

    SRES custom distributors can be configured for any amount of rows and uses a spinner divider for even seed distribution across the rows.

  • Leveler Option

    The leveler is suited for planting on slopes to keep the cone level to allow even seed distribution.

  • Indexer Option

    The SRES indexer can be set up to use six and twelve-cell trays.


Sres Control Packages For Research Planters

Control Packages Available

The following control package is available for the SRES Drill planter. Follow the link for more information.

Options & Accessories

The options are endless with SRES planter equipment. Below are the common options and accessories.
Planter Sres Drill Planter

Drill Planter Options & Accessories

  • Headsets
  • Fertilizer
  • Bulk Planting
  • Cable Winder
  • GPS
  • No-Till
  • Cone Leveler
  • Indexer

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