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Our seed research equipment is designed and built with precise detail because we are the only research plot planter manufacturer that concentrates specifically on plot research equipment. Seed Research Equipment Solutions is dedicated to producing the most versatile, efficient, ergonomic and comfortable seed research planters available on the market today. Our research plot equipment and seeders are manufactured to plant more seed in wider varieties, faster and with greater accuracy.

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United States Patent

Seed Research Plot Planter and Field Layout System

SRES was patent approved on 2/3/2015 for Seed Research Plot Planter and Field Layout System.

SRES Awards & Recognition

  • 2016 - Huck Boyd Leaders of the Year

  • 2/3/2015 - United States Patent for Seed Research Plot Planter and Field Layout System

  • 2011 - Reno County Enterpreneur Award

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