SRES and TE announce joint venture in Australia


SOUTH HUTCHINSON, KS —Seed Research Equipment Solutions (SRES) and Toowoomba Engineering (TE) announced that they will enter a joint venture to build research planters with SRES controls that are specifically designed for Australian farming conditions. .  TE will manage the sales and service of SRES planters in Australia under their GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture brand..  This collaboration will place SRES technology as a key enabler of Toowoomba Engineering’s strategy to provide pot to plot to paddock replication of research findings.  Research findings generated with SRES /TE research planters will be able to be applied to commercial farming operations using the GROUND BREAKER range of planters.  This joint venture will  grow our customer base in Australia and our international relations.


TE will be able to provide in-country support for Australian agriculture research.  Stacy Unruh, SRES owner, states “TE has a very good knowledge of how to plant successfully in the Australian environment.  They are very aware of how agriculture is changing both in research and commercially.”  TE has a forward-thinking and progressive approach and is a well-matched partnership for SRES.  This joint venture gives agricultural researchers the opportunity to purchase SRES equipment that will be built at TE in Australia with the SRES controls that are customized for Australian conditions.  This will provide a local option for researchers and reduce shipping expenses and lead time.  Our customers will benefit with in-country service because they are no longer affected by the 15-hour time difference and parts will be available via TE.


When asked why TE chose SRES, CEO Scott Farquahson stated, “ Producing quality research which can replicate what the farmer does in the paddock is vital to optimizing results. Partnering with SRES as a market leader in developing quality research equipment will give researchers in Australia the ability to achieve great research results in a controlled and monitored environment.”


About TE:

Toowoomba Engineering is a locally owned Agricultural Engineering business purchased by three brothers, Andrew, Nick and Scott Farquharson in 2010. With a strong farming and agronomic background TE have developed a range of GROUND BREAKER precision planters which give farmers the ability to precision plant using a tyne, while applying a range of targeted commodities in a single pass. TE believes that the future of agriculture in Australia will be heavily influenced by the integration of new technologies and mechanization to deliver targeted commodity application under a wide variety of conditions.


About SRES:

Seed Research Equipment Solutions is the leading research planter manufacturer formed in 1999. SRES shipped their first planter to Australia in 2006 and has continued to sell and service them.  Our seed research equipment is designed and built with precise detail because we are the only research plot planter manufacturer that concentrates specifically on plot research equipment. SRES has five control packages which includes Global Plot Management to meet the researcher’s needs.  At SRES, we don’t settle for research data that is just good enough. SRES is owned by Stacy Unruh and located in South Hutchinson, KS.

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