An SRES Brief History

Seed Research Equipment Solutions LLC (SRES) is the leading research planter manufacturer formed in 1999. Initially there were three persons that started the business, Ed Spexarth, Jack Hefling, and Stacy Unruh. Ed started working on the company in Feb of 1999 and got Jack to help him soon after that. Ed was in Sales, Jack was in Production. They included Stacy Unruh in August of 1999 as engineering. We started the company at 408 N Poplar in South Hutchinson.

We built one research plot planter and took it to the ASTA show in Chicago in December of 1999. From that show we sold one plot planter to Pioneer in Moorhead MN to plant sunflowers. During the summer of 2000 we built a demo planter. We did demo’s to everyone that would listen. That spring went very well and the word was out. We started our exporting that year as well and sold one planter to South Africa. By the 2003 planting season we were up to 7 full time employees.

In June of 2003 Ed Spexarth sold his shares and quit the business. In 2005 we sold our first MS (Mini Seed) Planter and also sold a new control system that we developed to help expand our product line. We named the new control system the “Classic” and the old system the “Advanced”. Both of these systems are still sold today and are unique in the market place. The Classic hit a hole in the market for a less expensive alternative to the Advanced. The Advanced competed against the competition as a high end planter.

In 2008 we continued to expand our offering of planters by introducing the Runabout Planter. It was a small planter aimed at the vegetable market and some of the “off crops” like peanuts. It also works well for the researcher who doesn’t have too many research plots to plant each year. We also changed the industry by introducing a GPS field layout system for research plot planters to use for laying out their plots and then use on the planter when planting.

In 2010 we introduced the Step 4 control system which was designed to combine seamlessly with the GPS system. This system went very well the first year out and we sold many upgrades and new planters the following year.

All of our research plot planters have been designed to be upgraded to the next control package. In fact last year we upgraded the planter with serial number 2 that was the second planter we ever built to the latest Step 4 control system. In the last year we have formed a management team to help guide the company as we continue to grow. We plan to continue to make modules for the software so the researcher can use our software all year long. We are also looking into furthering our product line to include every type of planter that a researcher could want. In the future we will be known as “The Planter People”.

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